Ski Bike Reviews: Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler

The Ultimate in Ski Biking Action!

by G. Kunkel

Lenz Sport is a well-respected manufacturer of high-end mountain bikes. In 2004 Lenz Sport entered the ski bike market when the owner traded two of his old mountain bike frames for some commercially made ski bike conversion kits. The installation of the ski bike kit on a dual suspension downhill mountain bike frame produced a hybrid ski bike.


Instead of using foot skis, the rider stands on non-moveable pedals and steers the bike using only the bike’s skis as two points of contact. In the past few years, Lenz Sport has modified the frame to allow for easier transport on ski lifts.

Lenz Sport currently produces two models: the Basic Alpine Brawler and the Pro Alpine Brawler. They are both lightweight, which allows for easy lifting onto the chair lift by men and women. Since you don’t have to wear foot skis, it’s much easier to load onto the chair lift. Once on the lift, the bike frame design allows it to be transported with the bike seat resting against the back of the chair. You can wear any winter appropriate boots while riding the bike.

The full suspension system on the Pro model provides a very stable ride on-piste, off-piste, and in the terrain park. All models are fun for all-mountain riding and for freestyle. The bike handles well in powder, packed powder, and spring slush. It’s very stable at speed. This is a ski bike that can perform any maneuver that you can on skis or on a snowboard.


There’s a slightly longer learning curve with this ski bike compared to the traditional foot ski bike. The Alpine Brawler is a more technical bike that will eventually allow you to perform more freestyle and backcountry ski biking. It’s best to take lessons when learning how to ride one. In fact, most places that rent them will insist that you take a lesson before you can rent one.

Unlike foot ski bikes, these do not steer like bicycles. Learning to ride them is more similar to learning to ride a snowboard or skis. The trick is more about learning to not engage the skis on a hard edge at first. Control is best achieved by learning skidded turns and stops at first. Once you achieve control, move up to carved turns. Once you’ve mastered this bike, it’s possible to ride this bike in the half-pipe, jump off table-tops, and ride terrain park features. The bike currently comes in three adult sizes – small, medium and large.

Suggested improvements: Have a kid friendly size ski bike. The small frame bike will work with some kids.

Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler Pro model – front/rear suspension
Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler Springer model – front & rear coil suspension
Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler Basic model – rear suspension only
Country of origin: Colorado, USA
Ski Bike style: All-mountain, lightweight, foot peg, full suspension and rear only suspension
Age range: Adult, 14 years and up
Rider weight capacity: unknown
Sizes available: Adult – small, medium, large
Colors available: Blue, green, brown, white, pink, custom
Terrain use: on-piste, off-piste, terrain park

Detailed bike specifications:

Ski bike weight:
Basic model – 27 lbs. (12.2 kg)
Springer model – 25 lbs. (11.3kg)
Pro model – 29 lbs. (13.15)

Suspension type:
Front suspension: Rock Shox Boxxer fork (6-8 inch travel) or coil shock suspension
Rear suspension: coil shock
Frame construction: Aluminum
Seat style: moto style
Swingarm: monocoque
Bike-ski options: Quechua SR X400 skis (approx. 97 long and 11 cm wide (slightly parabolic).
Foot ski options: Not applicable
Options: Basic model can be upgraded to full suspension
Accessories: none included
Features: Does not disassemble for transport
Difficulty to learn: Lessons highly recommended
Recommended gear: Full face downhill mountain bike helmet or ski helmet
Warranty: 2 years on frame
Cost: $1750.00 to $3000.00
Where to buy: Buy direct from Lenz Sport

Manufacturer contact:
Lenz Sport
3302 Weld County Rd 27
Ft Lupton, CO 80621
(303) 857-9151 phone
(303) 857-7944 fax


YouTube videos:

More on skibikes:
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Height: 5’8″ (1.74m)
Ability: Advanced skier
Expert snowboarder
Snowboard Instructor – AASI Certification 1
Resort certified to teach traditional sit-ski “foot-ski” bikes and standup “peg” ski bikes
Terrain tested on: beginner terrain, intermediate terrain, small jumps
Conditions tested under: powder, packed powder, spring conditions
Foot skis used: not applicable
Boot type used: snowboard

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  3. Yup, that commercially made ski-bike conversion kit was the WinterXbike kit, which became the HansonBikes kit, which is now available at as the Ski-MX Conversion kit.