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Scooter horn upgrades

The stock horns on scooters sound cute but can be pretty weak in warning cagers that they are about to run over you.  There is a solution.  Upgrade your horn.

There are various upgrades one can do.  Some are a quick switch out while others are a major operation.  The more time or money invested in the upgrade generally results in a louder scooter horn.

All the upgrades will require messing around with the electrical system.  If you haven’t done much electrical work, read up.  You could short out parts in your scooter if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Some horns are louder than others.  Quality can vary too.  Do your research and find out what will work for your needs.

Stebel Flosser Nautilus Airhorn

Many scooterists regard the best scooter horn upgrade to be a Stebel Nautilus.  One honk on this and the cager next to you will think a Mack truck is about to run them over.  Other drivers will start looking around.

Installing a Stebel Nautilus is rather a major operation.  You’ll need to pull off alot of panels and do some extra wiring.  Where it will fit and the best way to install one will depend upon your scooter.

Most scooters have fan forums that have how-to installation guides.  Follow the directions and ask questions if you get lost.  It’s important for it to be mounted level.

One scooterists installed horn comparison.

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