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K2 Snowcycle replacement seat covers

Replacement seat covers are now available for all models of K2 Snowcycle.  The Adult 1.0, SMX, and the Youth 1.0.  Snowcycle parts are no longer available from K2 as of 2008 when K2 Gravitytools ceased production.

K2 snowbike skibike ski bike

K2 Snowcycle with recovered seat installed

Materials used:

The seat covers are made from arctic vinyl which is typically used for snowmobile seats and other winter outdoor gear.  The original covers were made from marine vinyl which becomes brittle and cracks in cold weather.  The arctic vinyl is rated to 30F below zero. The material is cleaned with water or diluted Formula 409.


The seams are stitched with T92 polyester upholstery thread with UV protection.  All seams are double stitched for strength and durability. The vinyl can be heated with a hair dryer to mold the cover to the shape of the seat foam.  It is then stapled into place with a heavy duty staple gun.  A bottom piece is included to protect the wood seat base.

K2 snowcycle skbike snowbike skibob seat cover

K2 snowcycle seat recovered with arctic vinyl



Rear of K2 snowcycle seat


k2 snowcycle skibike snowbike skibob

Front of K2 snowcycle seat cover


The standard seat cover comes in a black color with faux leather finish.  The seats can also be made in gray arctic vinyl.

What is included:

Seat covers do not include the seat base or seat foam.   I will send installation instructions with each order. One generally needs a heavy duty staple gun, heavy duty staples, hair dryer, spray adhesive, hammer, a heavy duty staple remover, patience, and brute strength to install.


I can install the seat cover for an additional charge.  One can either mail the seat or drop it off at my house.

Where to order:

The seat cover can be ordered at EpicSkibike.com  Quantity discounts for orders of 12+ covers.

Replacement covers available for other skibike models:

Replacement seat covers can be made for other models of skibikes as well.  I would need the seat cover and seat base to make a pattern.


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