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Where to rent a Lenz Sport skibike in Colorado for the 2012 – 2013 ski season

Lenz Sport skibikes can be spotted throughout Colorado but finding one to rent can prove to be quite the challenge.  Many resorts have skibobs for rent instead.

One ski resort, a bike shop, and one private individual are the only sources I know of to rent a Lenz Sport.

Winter Park Resort currently has a rental fleet of 5-6 skibikes.   More will be added as the season progresses.  Lessons are required before one can be rented.  More information can be found on the resort skibike webpage.

Pedal the Peaks in Durango, Colorado has a fleet of Lenz Sport skibikes.  Reserve one in advance as they get booked up quickly.  Lessons are required before one can be rented.  Contact Cliff through his website.  The rental bikes aren’t listed on the website – don’t worry they are there.

New for 2012-13Lenz Sport skibkes in Steamboat Springs.  These will probably be run by an individual who owns a fleet of 6-7 Lenz Sport Brawlers.  These won’t be rented through Steamboat Ski Resort.  I’m not sure how lessons will work.   The resort requires a checkout ride by Ski Patrol before one can hit the slopes.

Pre-purchase demo rides – while not renting, one can experience Lenz Sport skibikes before purchasing one.  Devin has a fleet of demo bikes he uses to give lessons to potential buyers.  You’ll need to call Lenz Sport Skibikes to schedule.  Subject to availability.

I don’t know of any other place in Colorado that rents Lenz Sport skibikes.   That could change as the season ramps up and more people get turned onto the sport at Steamboat, Vail, Breckenridge, and Beaver Creek.

If you are ready to come to Colorado and try peg skibiking for the first time, your best bet is to come to Winter Park Resort.  Lessons and rentals are readily available.

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