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Back to the fun

Sorry about all the DMCA legal stuff of late.   A certain importer of aftermarket Chinese scooter parts is distracting me from working on my scooter, riding my scooter, going snowboarding, going skibiking, and generally having fun.  While I’m still working on the content theft behind the scenes, that’s not why you came to this blog.

So what’s up?  Well, I volunteered for the U.S. Alpine Championships held at Winter Park Resort last week.   Olympic ski racers and up-and-coming ski racers were everywhere.

On Thursday it was hard to even reach Winter Park Resort.  An avalanche and bad weather closed the pass.  I called the Winter Park Resort Competition Center and let them know I was stuck in Empire waiting for Berthoud Pass to open.  The news from CDOT didn’t sound good.  Around 11:30 am CDOT did eventually open the pass.

Once at Winter Park Resort I signed in at the Volunteer Sign In place, was issued a WP Resort coat and credentials, and then headed to Race Central.  Once there, I found that the mornings racing had already concluded.  They couldn’t really use me by then so I went about other related duties.   I did get to witness the finishes of the races in the afternoon from the deck at Race Central.   Incredible men’s and women’s ski racing.

On Friday I signed in at the Volunteer Area at 8 am.   After getting my coat and race credentials, the group of volunteers followed Justin over to Race Central.  Eventually I was assigned to race course security and headed up the Zephyr Express chairlift.

I set up at the trail closure rope next to the trail closure sign.  The next few hours were spent waving athletes under the rope and waving off skiers and snowboarders who were out the enjoy the great conditions.  It was pretty easy to tell who needed to be waved off just by looking at their skiing on the way down the trail that led up to the race course.  The racers skiing was so fluid – just amazing!

After the morning’s racing and lunch, they need help running the daily NASTAR course.   As I’ve raced NASTAR for several years locally and nationally, Justin asked that I go run the start shack.  Having never done that before, it was an interesting experience.   The take-home message to NASTAR racers – be kind to the volunteers who run the daily NASTAR course.  They are not getting paid to handle the abuse a few of you hand out.  They do want you to have fun.

After the racing concluded on both Thursday and Friday, I pulled out one of the Lenz Sport Launch skibikes that are reserved for Winter Park Resort skibike instructors.  It was the first time trying out the new Launch model for me.   Tons of fun but a little different ride than the Alpine Brawler.  Definitely more manuverable.

The skibiking was great as was the weather.  On Friday afternoon I ran into Devin Lenz and a pack of skibikers.  There was one lone Geary Storm skibiker in the crowd.  I said hey to the bunch but didn’t follow them into the gnarly mogul field.  I later watched them going down it from the chair lift.  That’s was some excellent skibiking in the moguls by Devin, Bryan, Rob, and company.  I rode until the lifts closed on both days and left with a smile.


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