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Skibike Boardercross Course at Winter Park Resort

Things just got a little more exciting for skibikes at Winter Park Resort.  The ski resort took away the NASTAR course and put in a permanent boardercross course.

The old start shack is now labelled with terrain park signage.  The course is always open for use.  It is fenced off from regular traffic on Cranmer.

Users start from one of the two start positions.  The course immediately drops and leads up to some rollers.  The course is pretty wide so it could probably handle five skibikers or snowboarders.

After the rollers, are a series of banked turns leading downhill.  They use up the width of the old NASTAR course.  The banks turns go up fairly high and are fun to go up.

There are a few more rollers and then more banked turns.  The end of the course spits skibikers back out onto Cranmer.

Skibikers are going to really enjoy this boardercross course.  I went down it yesterday for the first time.  My first run was tentative but I can see how it will be addictive in the future.  Once people start finding it, this terrain park will become much more popular than the old race course.

So look for skibikecross in the future.  It’s going to happen.

Think of something like this only the course is at least five times wider and no trees.

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