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Fleece Colorado state flag hats

I took the time last month to design and start sewing fleece hats modeled after the Colorado state flag.  Wearing clothing with this design is a popular way for people in Colorado to show their state pride.


Colorado state flag hat

Working with fleece is challenging sometimes.  Making and arranging the stripes wasn’t so difficult.  Cutting out and sewing together the ‘C’ design was.  Making them so there wouldn’t be ratty looking edges took several fabric changes and developing new construction techniques.

After several attempts, I have a Colorado state flag hat that I can be proud of.  They are made from 100% polyester fleece.  My stock hats are 23 inches in circumference but I can make custom sizes to order for no extra charge.

The hats are not lined but are plenty warm in cold winter.  They are breathe-able enough so that you won’t swelter on a hot day either.  I tried that out the other day at the ski resort.

The hats should be washed in cold water and line dried.  One can also lay them out on a towel to dry.  Don’t iron them or throw in a dryer or they will melt.

If you’d like a cool fleece hat with the Colorado state flag design, you can buy them at my online store at Square.  All major credit cards are accepted.  Shipping is only available to addresses in the United States.



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