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How to get an Epic Pass promo code in 2014

The Epic Pass, Epic Local Pass, and other ski season passes are extremely discounted passes sold by Vail Resorts before the start of the season.  After skiing starts, the passes sell for upwards of $23oo.00.


When purchasing an Epic Pass by Vail Resorts, there is a box that says ‘promo code’.  Why is it there and can I get a coupon code to put there?

Why is it there?

The promo code box is mainly there for resort employees to use, not the general public.

How can you get a promo code?

Win a contest

Contests are held during the ski season.   Win one and you can put the promo code in the box that the contest gives you.  You’ll need to be real lucky to score one this way.

Book $10k worth of private ski lessons

Ski resorts like to offer their best clients some perks.   Call the ski school and see if they will comp you a pass if you book a large amount of ski lessons in advance.

Book $20-30k of luxury slopeside lodging

A number of luxury hotels in Vail will comp you a pass if you book a group into their lodging for a week or two.  Call the hotel directly and ask.

Work for Vail Resorts

Employees can work part-time and get a pass with as little as a 7 day commitment.   The more days – the more pass perks.

Work in the ski industry

If you are in the industry, get rewarded.  Members of SIA can purchase a SIA Epic Pass at the SIA Snow Show in Denver.   The show is not open to the general public.

Work at employer that offers an employee pass

Get a job at a ski shop or work at a business that offers a business employee pass.   The local Chamber of Commerce will know who offers these.

Be rich

If you know what a G5 is and know which runway it can land on in Eagle, you’re set.   Ask the concierge at your hotel how to get a promo code.  Better yet, call around from your second home or chalet in Vail or Beaver Creek.

Sorry folks, promo codes really don’t exist for discount ski passes.  Suck it up and pay for it while they are available.  You’ll get discount codes once you purchase an Epic Pass.


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