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Liability Insurance required for all Scooters in Colorado

Just a reminder.  Liability insurance is required for all motorscooters registered in the state of Colorado.  This includes motorcycle scooters, low-power scooters, mopeds, motorized bicycles, and electric scooters.

Insurance laws regarding scooters changed a few years ago in Colorado.  You’ll need to show proof of insurance when registering your above 50cc scooter with the Dept of Motor Vehicles.  You’ll also need to show it when registering your low-power scooter with the Department of Revenue.

Scooter insurance can be purchased online from places like GEICO and Progressive.  I have mine through State Farm on a year round motorcycle policy.  Some companies may give a multi-line discount on the policy – State Farm doesn’t but its only $68/year for liability insurance.   Your rate may vary.

Liability insurance isn’t theft insurance.  You’ll have to pay extra for that.  Expect it to double your premium in Colorado.  If you can’t store your scooter in a locked garage, it’s probably worth the extra expense.

Keep your scooter insurance card either in your scooter or your wallet.  You’ll need to show it if the cops pull you over.  If you don’t have any – expect to get a ticket.  I’m not sure how much those will set you back these days.

Scooter riders used to get way with alot 10 years ago.  Don’t expect to get away riding around without insurance these days.  The cops are getting pretty educated on the laws governing scooters in the state of Colorado.

Go buy some scooter insurance if you don’t have any.  The fine can be pretty expensive.  From the Colorado Dept of Revenue website “Low-Power Scooters shall not be registered on or after July 1, 2010 without proof of complying motor vehicle insurance policy and payment of the Motorist Insurance Identification Fee.  Non-compliance is a misdemeanor traffic offense with a minimum penalty for such offense is a $500.00 fine and that the maximum penalty for such offense is one year’s imprisonment and a $1,000.00 fine.”.

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