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Earn money for your opinions in Denver – It’s for real

Opinion surveys on the internet are scams for the most part.  Bricks and mortar research survey companies are not.  One can earn some pretty easy money from them and it’s not like a trip to the dentist.

Denver Metro residents are lucky that there are a number of market and consumer research survey companies with survey centers in Denver.  They’ve been around for years too.  They are established, well-respected firms.

Research survey companies try to find out information for their clients on any number of subjects.  They pay money to the firm to conduct their surveys and find information from their desired demographics.  Participants can earn $50 – $250 for a few minutes or hours of your time at their research center.

Before you can earn any money by participating in a research study, you need to qualify for a study.

The process?

  1. Go to the research center’s website and make a profile.  You know, that stuff you’ll never tell a telemarketer on the phone.  The more information you give, the more studies you may qualify for.
  2. Wait for an email or phone call.
  3. Once they contact you about a study, you’ll answer some brief question via email or phone.
  4. If you don’t qualify, you go back into the pool.
  5. If you do qualify, find out if the dates, times, and pay for you.
  6. If it works and you qualify, they’ll send  a confirming email and directions to their place and where to park.  They’ll give you the access code to their parking garage.
  7. Don’t bring children to the research center unless they are the study participants.
  8. Arrive early to the study.  Sometimes they have bonus money drawings for early birds.
  9. The study center will have drinks and snacks available for participants.  They know you probably just came there straight from work and they don’t want you to be hungry.
  10. Studies are generally overbooked and have more people there than they need.  If chosen, you’ll participate in the study.  If you aren’t chosen, they’ll give you the promised pay and send you on your way.  You’ll still be qualified for studies that immediately come up.
  11. If chosen, throughly participate in the study.  Give your opinion.  Don’t be shy.  They want your opinions, thoughts, and beliefs.
  12. At the end of the study, go collect your pay.
  13. You’ll probably have to wait six months to participate in another research study.

It’s that easy to earn money participating in research studies in the Denver Metro area.

Denver research firms include:

Fieldwork Denver – register  at www.fieldwork.com.  Click on the “Participate in Research Studies” link.  Choose the Denver location.

Plaza Research – register at http://www.plazaresearch.com/?page_id=24

Ingather Research – register at https://ingatherresearch.com/become-a-respondent/

Boulder Focus Center – register at http://www.boulderfocuscenter.com/v3/index.html

Cunningham Field & Research – located in Flatirons Crossing Mall near Forever 21.

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