Scenic drives in Colorado

There are some breath-taking scenic drives in Colorado.  Just be aware that the particular drive you’re interested in may not yet be open this spring or open at all.

While this past winter was a very low snow season, many seasonal road closures are still in effect.   Notably – Indenpendence Pass, Mount Evans, and Trail Ridge Road. Most should open by Memorial Day weekend this year.

It’s best to check the CDOT website for seasonal road closures and road construction delays when planning that weekend getaway.  The warm weather brings on road repairs and maintenance in Colorado.  It’s the only time proper work can be performed.

Some scenic drives in Colorado are on roads that commercial maps and GPS software show as open through roads.  Check several sources if the road is a less-travelled backroad.  Some maps still show the Rollins Pass Road/Corona Pass Road as open.  It’s left some tourists stranded for days in snowstorms in early fall.

Make sure your vehicle can handle the road conditions.  If it says it’s a 4WD or high clearance road in Colorado, that’s advice to follow.  Driving a standard 2 wheel drive car on a high clearance road is a great way to get stuck or stranded.

Bring a camera and binoculars to get the most out of a scenic Colorado drive.  You’re sure to see historic mining structures and wildlife.  Stay safe and stay out of unstable structures, abandoned mines, and don’t try to feed the wildlife.  Some Colorado wildlife is dangerous to humans i.e. mountain lions, bears, and rattlesnakes.  Refrain from scrambling and bouldering if you are untrained.

A great video of Trail Ridge Road

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