Public Notes from the Colorado Tramway Board

Yesterday I browsed the posted public notes taken during Colorado Tramway Board meetings while researching information for an article on a specific type of incident that occurred at a few ski resorts.  I didn’t find the information I was looking for but I did find some items that could almost qualify for News of the Wierd.

December 2008 – A woman asked to download on the Vista Bahn at Vail.  The operator told her to go to the downhill side of the terminal. She got mad and jumped into the chair on the uphill side and fell out. She then threatened the operator with a pick-ax. The operator calmed her down and downhill loaded her. The Sheriff met her at the bottom of the lift.

Incident 2 – “Mr Smith said that there was a tiger on the slopes in West Virginia this season that ended up being caught.  This was around the same area that had a bear disappear last year from the nearby zoo.”

Incident 3 – “Mr. Smith said that Copper Mountain had a marmot chew through a braided fuel line.”

Incident 4 – “Passenger stuck on line (gondola)  after (lift) closing.  Failed to disembark and passed out on floor of cabin”.

Incident 5 – “Mr. Smith said that Wolf Creek discovered wood pecker damage on 4 sections of communications lines on one of their lifts”.  (Keep those woodpeckers down there).

I know of co-workers being treed by moose while working on lifts in summer or moose running down ski slopes to the base area in winter.  Hearing other ski resorts odd or funny incidents is a refreshing change.

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