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The Best Times to Ski or Snowboard Vacation in Colorado

Enjoy the Best Snow Conditions with No Crowds and Great Discount Lift Tickets

by G. Kunkel

(This article was originally published on Yahoo! Voices on 1/8/2011)

Colorado offers some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the USA. Colorado insiders know that during the ski season some time periods are better than others for ski vacations. Prime ski vacation periods can offer better snow, less crowds, and less expensive lift tickets. Discover the best times to take a Colorado ski vacation.

When schools are in session

Colorado ski resorts, especially those within a two hour drive of Denver, can become quite crowded when local schools and schools around the USA are not in session. Plan a ski vacation around these peak periods to avoid crowded ski slopes. Crowds can be avoided by ski vacationing at resorts with a 3-4 hour drive away from Denver.

Between USA holidays

Ski resorts often have slow business periods between major USA holidays. A great time to take a ski vacation is between New Year’s and Martin Luther King Junior Day (MLK). Another slow period is between MLK Day and President’s Day.

Ski resorts around Denver are absolutely packed on the MLK weekend and President’s Day weekend. Most ski resorts blackout all discount coupons on these weekends too. Avoid long lift lines by avoiding these weekends.

On weekdays

Ski resorts within a two-hour drive of Denver are least crowded on non-holiday period weekdays. Weekday skiers and snowboarders will have the ski slopes to themselves. They can also take advantage of many weekday discount coupons, discount ski passes, and promotions. Some lift tickets can be purchased for as little as $15.

In April

April is absolutely the best time to take a ski vacation in Colorado. Spring breakers have left but the snow is still falling in copious amounts. Ski deals abound at Colorado ski resorts in April. Deals can be had on airfare, lodging, lift tickets, and ski school. Don’t worry about the warm weather where you live – it’s still winter in Colorado. Big snowfalls can happen in June in the Colorado Mountains.

Off-peak or early ski season

Early ski season provides some of the best bargains on lodging and lift tickets at Colorado ski resorts. Snowfall is however a gamble in November and December. Don’t count on conditions being in their prime during early ski season months. For maximum off-peak snow conditions, come in April.

Peak snowfall months

If you really enjoy fresh powder, take your ski vacation in February and March. March is the snowiest month in Colorado. Ski resorts do charge more for lodging and lift tickets during this peak ski vacation period.

Enjoy uncrowded ski slopes and fantastic ski conditions with these ski vacation tips. Ski vacationers can save money with this simple advice.


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