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The Winter Park Resort Skibike Updates for the 2010-11 Ski Season

It’s a New Ski Bike Season at Winter Park Resort!

by G. Kunkel

(This article was originally published on Yahoo! Voices on 12/9/2010)

The ski bike program is returning to Winter Park Resort for the 2010-11 ski season! Due to the overwhelming success of last season’s ski bike program, there will be a few changes – positive changes. If you are coming to Winter Park Resort for ski bike lessons or to rent a ski bike, here’s what you can expect.

Easier ski bike lesson sign-up or rental process

Ski bike lessons can now be signed up for at Winter Park Resort Rentals in The Village. No need to go through the Private Lesson Desk anymore. If you want to rent a ski bike, show your ski bike license and start the rental process. If you do not have a ski bike license, you will still need to take a lesson first. 970.726.1664

Half day ski bike rentals (Lenz Sport) = $49
Full day ski bike rental (Lenz Sport) = $69

Daytime ski bike lesson changes

There are several changes to the day ski bike program at Winter Park Resort. First off, ski bike lessons will be increased from 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours with no lesson price increase. Daytime ski bike lessons will be taught on the Type II peg ski bikes. These are the Lenz Sport Alpine Brawler peg ski bikes. The foot ski Brenter snowbikes will be available for those whom they are more appropriate for. The snowbikes will be reserved for the night ski bike program. 970.726.1664

Lesson + Full day lift ticket + Half day ski bike rental = $99
Lesson + Half day ski bike rental = $79
Add a Full day ski bike rental = $20

Ski bikes are still welcome at Winter Park Resort

Peg ski bikes and ski bobs are welcome at Winter Park Resort. Geary Storm ski bike riders are asked not to drop their seats while riding the chair lifts. The bikes have a tendency to get caught under the chair lift seats. Unfortunately, homemade ski bikes are not allowed at Winter Park Resort.

Available ski bike terrain

Ski bikes are welcome to ride anywhere at Winter Park Resort except in the terrain parks. Please ride responsibly when entering trails or jumping.

Friday and Saturday night ski bike program

The weekend night ski bike program will be returning in late December. Please make reservations in advance.

Lenz Sport Alpine Brawlers

Devin Lenz the owner and ski bike builder of the Alpine Brawlers will still be instructing part-time at Winter Park Resort. Devin does schedule ski bike demos to groups throughout the season at Winter Park Resort and other ski bike friendly ski resorts. Contact Devin at http://www.lenzsport.com/

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