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A Gift Guide for Snowboarders

By G. Kunkel

Snowboarders have fairly simple needs and are some of the most frugal shoppers on the Internet. As a result, snowboarders tend to buy only the most basic equipment needed for snowboarding. That snowboard equipment is then used until it nearly falls apart.

When looking for gifts for snowboarders, items that meet basic snowboarding needs and the occasional luxury item are always welcome. If you need a gift guide for snowboarders, the snowboarders in your life will welcome the following items.

Lift tickets or discount card to their favorite ski area

Lift tickets are the passport to the shred for snowboarders – they’re always welcomed as gifts. Take advantage of the pre-season pass sales and buy your favorite snowboarder a discount lift ticket package. Ski areas will often sell 3-packs or 4-packs of lift tickets from $100 – $139. Discover your snowboarder’s favorite spots and then visit the websites of the ski resorts to find available deals. One of the best deals in Colorado is the Loveland Ski Area 4-Pack for $109 and the Pass Card for $43. http://www.skiloveland.com/

A season pass to their favorite ski area

If you really love your snowboarder, hook them up with a season pass. Purchased pre-season, season passes can be fairly affordable. Check the website of your snowboarders favorite place to shred. If you want to give the ultimate ticket to shred, buy your snowboarder the exclusive Colorado Ski Country USA Gold Pass. It provides unlimited snowboarding at 21 Colorado ski resorts. It’s fully transferable, direct to lift, and has no blackout days – just $3000. Don’t laugh – I’ve met a number of women who purchased them for their boyfriends. http://www.coloradoski.com/Passes/GoldPass/

Snowboard socks

Warm comfy feet are essential to enjoying the shred. With continual use snowboard socks wear out or get lost. Snowboard socks are always welcomed as a gift. Socks with a merino wool blend and thick padding are just the ticket. Quality, made in the USA, snowboard socks can be ordered online at www.Thorlo.com for $20. During the holidays, they offer a buy 3 pairs and get one pair free special with free shipping. http://www.thorlo.com/snowboard-socks.php

Headphones or ear buds

The only thing better than the shred is listening to your favorite tunes during your snowboard session. Skullcandy offers a wide selection of ear buds and headphones with excellent sound quality. Ear buds start at $15. Headphones start at $30. They can be ordered directly from Skullcandy at http://www.skullcandy.com/.

Snowboard bag

At some point, snowboarders like to jump on an airplane and travel to someplace new. The ability to transport a snowboard without it getting damaged is a highly prized quality in a snowboard bag. The DaKine Tour board bag is one bag that is popular due to its full padding, weight, and the capacity to hold a pair of snowboard boots. It can be ordered from www.Evo.com for $75.

Goggle case

Snowboarders wear goggles – period. One sure way to protect expensive goggles and lens assortment during transportation is with a goggle case. One of the best on the market is the Smith Optics Goggle Hard Case. It can be ordered from www.Backcountry.com for $25.

Gloves or mittens

The continuous strapping in and out of snowboard bindings, travel, and tricks all take their toll on snowboard gloves. If snowboarders put in over 35 days of riding a season, their gloves are probably toast by the end of the season. Warm, waterproof gloves or mittens are one gift appreciated by all snowboarders. Depending upon the model, prices can range from $30 to $130. http://www.the-house.com/

Snowboard wax & wax iron

Snowboarders know that wax makes their snowboard glide and easier to turn. When it comes to purchasing wax and a waxing iron most snowboarders don’t have the money to purchase them. Show your favorite rider that you care about their performance – buy them some wax and a wax iron. An SKS Wax Iron can be purchased at http://www.racewax.com/ for $36 and 1-pound bars of Purl Wax can be purchased at http://www.purlracing.com/

A snowboard tune-up

Snowboarders know that their snowboards need the occasional tune-up. Edges may need sharpening, the base may need repair, or it just desperately needs a good wax job. A good snowboard tune-up will enhance board performance and just may increase the lifespan of the snowboard. Many snowboard shops or ski resort tune shops will offer full tunes for around $25. Plan ahead and you may be able to purchase a 2 for 1 tuning gift card for the snowboarder in your life. Check with your local snowboard shop.

Backcountry avalanche gear

More snowboarders today are hearing the call of the backcountry. It provides untracked powder, no crowds, and free snowboarding. Show your backcountry snowboarders that you care. Help them invest in a backcountry shovel, a probe, an avalanche beacon, and training in their proper use. Essential backcountry avalanche safety gear can all be purchased at Backcountry.com. The Backcountry Access Tracker DTS Beacon is highly recommended. http://www.backcountry.com/backcountry-access-tracker-dts-beacon

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