49cc and 50cc Mopeds and Scooters in Colorado Must Now Carry Liability Insurance

As of July 1, 2010, Don’t Get Caught Without It

by G. Kunkel

(This article was originally published on Yahoo! Voices on 8/9/2010)

No doubt about it, 49cc & 50cc low power scooters and mopeds are popular in Colorado. Nowadays you’ll see them parked on sidewalks in cities all along the Front Range of Colorado. They save on gas and are easy to commute on. Most cities allow free parking on sidewalks as long as they don’t block foot traffic.

Until July 1, 2010 there was an additional savings that has now ceased to exist in Colorado. 49cc & 50cc mopeds and scooters statewide in Colorado must now carry liability insurance with the final provisions of HB09-1026 coming into effect. Proof of liability insurance can be demonstrated with a motor vehicle insurance policy or a certificate of self-insurance in full-force and effect in Colorado. More information can be found in Section 27, 42-3-105 and Section 60, 42-4-1409 of the new Colorado Revised Statutes.

HB09-1026 enacted several other minor changes for 49cc & 50cc mopeds and scooters in Colorado. These scooters and moped are no longer classified as motorized bicycles. They are now called low power scooters. More can be read at Section 22, 42-1-102 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

The registration fee with the Colorado Department of Revenue was raised from $5.25 to $5.75 for 49cc & 50cc mopeds and scooters in Colorado. The registration is still good for 3 years. Find the registration form at the State of Colorado website.

The new Colorado Revised Statutes do have one plus for 49cc & 50cc moped and scooter owners in Colorado. The 30 mph upper speed limit has changed. According to Section 54, 42-4-1101 of Colorado Revised Statutes low power scooters are not to be driven ‘at a speed in excess of forty miles per hour’ on a roadway.

Several basic requirements for 49cc & 50cc mopeds and scooters did not change in Colorado. Operators must still have a driver’s license, they can be ridden in bike lanes, they can’t be ridden on sidewalks, and they are allowed on interstates that allow bicycles to be ridden on them.

49cc & 50cc moped and scooter riders in Colorado are still required to wear eye protection. Operators and passengers under eighteen must also wear motorcycle helmets.

Shop around for liability insurance for your 49cc & 50cc moped or scooter in Colorado. Most policies are well under $100 per year. Some policies can even be purchased online.





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